Saturday, May 4, 2013

Printers and IP-cameras - an instrument of DDoS-attacks

The old network protocols make printers and IP-cameras into an instrument of DDoS-attacks

According to the experts of Prolexic,  in the distributed attacks directed on refusal in service, old network protocols even more often are used.

They are still supported by almost all connected devices to the Internet. But the peculiarities of these protocols can "trick" the device and get it to send data to the target system.

For example, the protocol NTP of clock synchronization in response to one of the possible queries can be sent to a list of recently connected clients. If you forge the sender's address in the request, the data will be sent to the target system.

A similar feature provides a widely used protocol SNMP. According to it, the data is transmitted on the network-connected printers, routers, IP-cameras and other equipment. The volume of data returned three times the amount that is returned when you use the ping. In Prolexic recommend to owners of devices disable SNMP, if she's not really necessary.

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Back in 1996, the U.S. group Computer Emergency Response CERT warned about the possibility of attacks using the old protocol CHARGEN, which only returns the data to the sender. Fake address and then allows you to forward data towards the targeted system.

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