Friday, April 26, 2013

The organizer of DDoS-attacks on Spamhaus arrested

In Europe, arrested the organizer of DDoS-attacks on Spamhaus

Spanish police today arrested a Dutchman suspected of organizing large-scale Web-based attacks. 35-year-old man was arrested in Barcelona, ​​at the request of the local prosecutor's office. It is reported that he was one of those who once stood for the largest DDoS-attacks on the anti-spam service Spamhaus. Then the organizers of the attack for a while managed to bring down Spamhaus, which affected the operation of the Internet has led to the slowing down of multiple services.

In addition, immediately after the organization of DDoS-attacks was announced a police investigation aimed at identifying participants in the operation. Now it is reported that the arrested man - Sven Kamfui, owner and manager of the hosting company Cyberbunker, which, as demonstrated by consequence, involved in the attack.

In Spamhaus said they learned of the news reports about the arrest of a person associated with a DDoS-attack. "We are pleased that the police quickly took up the investigation of the case, and quickly found the organizers. Meanwhile Spamhaus concerned about the use of many methods of network resources that are directed against the systems responsible for the basic operation of the global network," - said in Spamhaus.

Recall that a DDoS-attack on Spamhaus has become the most powerful in history, and at peak times reached 300 Gbit / s, which is about six times that of the average attack.

It is reported that the attack on the Spamhaus has been implemented after the end of March this year, the system filtrafii this service has made the most resources Cyberbunker blacklisted, resulting in inability to visit their users most of the modern browsers. In Cyberbunker say that their service has been blacklisted for hosting child pornography and terrorist materials, but he ISP states that did not allow placement of such material.

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