Sunday, September 2, 2012

Facebook will remove the counterfeit mark "Like"

Social network Facebook has decided to proceed with a large-scale clean-up of the fake "Likes."

Facebook began to introduce more stringent measures against spammers and malicious content - the company intends to further develop the marks "Like", removing bogus mark. The company said it will remove all the marks that were generated by automated or suspicious accounts. Typically, counterfeit mark used to promote certain products or bringing attention to the blogs of users.

Simply put, Facebook has launched a program, scrub cheated optimizers ranking points needed to attract increased interest on the part of users. Usually, fake "like" used to promote certain goods, attracting attention to the blog and other actions aimed at promoting a blog or an article in it.

Removing bogus stamps will implement special programs for the calculation of "Likes". In the Facebook note that these measures will improve the quality of content, which is really interesting to users, and tougher action against spammers.

Removing marks "Like" will take place through an automated process that will calculate all the marks set by "illegal" means. Facebook long enough working to improve its systems, which detect and remove suspicious mark.

Fictitious "Like" bring a lot of trouble the social network - in particular, because of them the services of the site to resort fewer advertisers. In addition, the estimated Facebook, the number of fake "Likes" is about one per cent of the total marks. Given that the network registered 950 million accounts, about 90 million of them are fictitious, created to distribute malware, cheating and other illegal traffic operations.

And independent experts say that now many large (and not) advertising agencies are already included in the list of the services the so-called Facebook-promotion. This is precisely the very fake "husky" actively arranges dishonest advertisers for the needs of its customers.

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