Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Second cyber attack on Saudi Aramco

Hackers have repeatedly declared about second cyber attack on Saudi Aramco

After the second break hackers managed to steal confidential information from the company systems.

The oil giant Saudi Aramco again became the target of hackers. The report of the burglary was posted on Pastebin, and the company did not provide any comments.

In a statement hackers stated: "We think it's funny and strange that there is no news from Saudi Aramco at the Saturday evening." Hackers claim to have fulfilled his promise to re-break-in, and as evidence published e-mail address and password, Khalid A. Al-Falih, and the credentials that grant access to the information about the main the form of the company. In addition, the attackers claim that all tools for computer security companies were set default passwords.

If the published information would be true, then the company will face some difficulties, because the hackers said they are preparing for the publication of other stolen data.

Recall that the first break-in occurred Saudi Aramco August 15 this year. As a result, infected 30 thousand workstations.

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