Monday, October 15, 2012

Android detects malware on smartphones

The new program will consist of two parts to test and blocking malicious applications to Google Play.

The blog Android Police found a message saying that the Android mobile platform will include a system for the identification of malware. As noted by the authors, they analyzed the APK-file of the latest version of Google Play.

Code detection application contains features antivirus service. "Apparently, there are two. There is something called "App Check", which will allow Google to check each already installed on the smartphone app, "and the second part - warns users of suspicious applications," - said in a blog post.

It should be noted that the new program will block the download of any application from Google Play, which is deemed harmful. The user to leave the right to release the lock, if he is confident in application security.

Note that in Google Play already has antivirus software Bouncer, which detects malware by checking for new applications, go to the store developers.

In Android Police believe that the new application will be part of Google Play client for mobile devices.


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