Friday, November 30, 2012

The Japanese space agency is a victim of the Trojan

Japanese Space Agency Jaxa today announced that with the help of Trojan software unknown attackers stole private data on the latest Japanese space rocket. As reported in Jaxa, computer virus has been detected on the network at Tsukuba Space Center in the northeast of Tokyo. Said malicious code secretly collect and transmit data about the missile beyond Jaxa.

The agency said today that the malicious code was detected by anti-virus software is November 21, the same space agency employees took 'all necessary measures'. Also in Jaxa say spy code was detected in only one space center, the other systems have not been exposed to infection.

An official statement said that while it was unclear whether the virus is available on computers Jaxa employees or hit by cyberattacks. Previously, a number of Japanese military-industrial company claims that have been targets of cyber attacks, the traces of which were in China.

As for the information stolen by malicious code, it is associated with a new missile Epsilon, solid fuel and is a further development of modern Japanese rockets. Independent experts say that Epsilon was originally created as a solution for launching satellites and interplanetary spacecraft, but in principle it could have a dual purpose and be used as an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Epsilon first start is expected in autumn 2013.

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