Friday, April 26, 2013

Twitter will increase safety of two-factor authentication

The Social Network took note of hacking accounts of large companies.

As a result of compromised account news agency Associated Press (AP) in the Twitter social network developers have decided to raise the level of security and to implement two-factor authentication technology.

Recall that in consequence of an attack by hackers who posted on the page AP reported explosions in the White House and the wounding of President Barack Obama, the Dow Jones U.S. stock market fell more than 100 points.

Twitter developers, decided that such serious consequences can be avoided by implementing a more robust system to protect accounts. So, along with the usual login and password, users will be obliged to confirm the entry by using the test code on their cell phones.

At the moment, developers conduct internal benchmark testing of the new system of authorization. Thus, according to them, its public launch will happen soon.

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