Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New vulnerability in Samsung Galaxy S III

Hackers have discovered a serious vulnerability in the security smartphone Galaxy S III. Due to the fault of any attacker can bypass the screen lock and unlock easily.

The whole story started when a man named Terence Eden has encountered an error, which allowed for a short time to get access to the desktop on a smartphone Galaxy Note II. Slightly modernized the previous method, the other burglar named Shawn McMillian found another way to open up access to the main screen of the smartphone family Galaxy, including the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III.

If you follow all the steps described by enthusiasts, you can get access to the working screen smartphone, while not entering the correct security code. More than this, the approach permits easily bypass any protection mechanisms on a smartphone, including a password, PIN, etc. Given that this bug was found in more than one smartphone software Google, there are concerns that in theory this vulnerability exists on all phones running Android OS.

ZDNet journalists confirmed this error on Galaxy S III and Note II. The most difficult thing in this whole process - podgadat time, and then you can easily get to the desktop to the smartphone with the Android 4.1.2.

To carry out hacking you just need to get into the menu Emergency Call with the lock screen and open the tab Emergency Contacts. Hence the need to click on Home, then immediately press the power key. Press the Power button one more time and you will be sent to the home screen smartphone, bypassing any lock.

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