Thursday, June 6, 2013

In Facebook detected a Trojan that steals financial data users

This malicious program is installed on the device, and then runs in the background.

According to the Daily Mail, the experts on information security failed to detect a new malicious program that spreads through the social network Facebook. This Trojan steals financial data of users.

According to experts, the malicious program is installed on the device after the user is on a malicious link. Next, the Trojan runs in the background. To date, the IS experts argue that all references have been removed.

After installation, the virus begins to track user activity and intercept any data entered into online banking, online stores, etc. The information collected is redirected to malicious users, who are able to illegally withdraw funds from the accounts of their victims.

Facebook spokesman said that the site is examined for the presence of malicious software and offers a variety of security systems, such as scanning and correction of malware on mobile devices.

Note that this is not the first case of detection of malicious software to Facebook. Among the viruses that attacked the gay, the IS experts eliminated Trojan ZeuS, the main aim of which was also stolen data about user accounts.

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