Friday, September 7, 2012

Market of two-factor authentication

Market of two-factor authentication will actively develop the next 4-5 years

According to analysts, one of the commonly used factor authentication becomes mobile.

According to CNews, analyst firm TechNavio has published a report, according to which from 2011 to 2015, the world market of two-factor authentication will grow annually by 20.8%.

Experts believe that in the near future, the most popular method of two-factor authentication will be to use the phone, SIM-card which will be sewn on a special digital signature. With this SIM card user will be able to carry out legal actions to manage funds through e-banking system, and more. Another variant of this technique is to create a special smart card that will be of an electronic identity card.

These cards, if they introduce digital signature also be used for authentication in the various services.

One catalyst for distribution of plastic cards is the possibility of introducing a mobile device technology NFC (Near Field Communication). NFC technology can allow you to use not just one factor authentication, but also replace a bank credit card.

Development of two-factor authentication in this manner will be actively restricted by the security risks inherent in NFC. Recall that at the end of July this year in the Black Hat Charlie Miller from the company Accuvant demonstrated how to use the NFC to execute malicious code on Android-smartphone. Also, the development of the market will slow down state regulators who will have high requirements for the protection of confidential information.

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  1. It seems that in the nearest future the phone will be the main device. Sim cards with digital signature support will provide the high level of security and phones with such sim cards will replace credit cards, money bags,ID cards... very exciting!