Friday, September 7, 2012

Additional components of AVG 2013

Additional components of AVG: available in antivirus products AVG Internet Security 2013, AVG Anti-Virus Pro 2013 and AVG Anti-Virus Free 2013

Additional components of AVG - it features or technology that improves visibility of web pages, system performance, and offer all sorts of helpful advice. Currently used: AVG Accelerator, AVG Advisor, AVG Do Not Track. These components work invisibly in the background, they are not listed on the main screen and usually do not involve a large number of parameters to be adjusted.

They are available in antivirus products AVG Internet Security 2013, AVG Anti-Virus Pro 2013 and AVG Anti-Virus Free 2013.

AVG Do Not Track

What is tracking?
Tracking - the process of collecting information about your activities on the Internet. The purpose of tracking is to enrich the experience of social networks, improving the performance of Web sites and the use of personalized advertising.

What is AVG Do Not Track?

AVG Do Not Track - a new feature of the web browser. Function AVG Do Not Track helps to establish Web sites that collect information about your activities on the Internet. Use the icon in the browser you can see which web sites and advertisers are trying to collect information about your activities and accordingly, allow or disallow such actions. For each service AVG Do Not Track provides you with additional information regarding the privacy policy and the direct link to disable this service if it is available.

AVG Do Not Track

AVG Do Not Track will tell. Who collects the information
At the moment the function AVG Do Not Track support web browsers Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

AVG Accelerator

AVG Accelerator - a technology that enables a Web browser to quickly download binary files, and more effective in buffering, allowing you to watch a video on the Internet without interruption. Function from time to time displays status notifications computing tips.

AVG Advisor

Component of AVG Advisor is designed to search for problems that slow down your computer or are a danger to it. It also allows you to find ways to address them.

If your computer has suddenly become slower when browsing the Internet or using the conventional applications of the cause and solve the problem can be difficult. In such cases help AVG Advisor. It will display a notification in the system tray of a possible problem and propose a solution.

In particular, Advisor does the following:

1. Check the status of any open browser. These applications can use an excessive amount of memory, especially when a large number of open tabs or windows, and consume a lot of system resources - in other words, slow down your computer. In this case, is usually sufficient to restart the browser.

2. Creating an ad hoc connection. Even after the user has stopped using peer connection, it can be active, to some extent, reducing throughput. By the web browser can slow down.

3. Unknown network with a familiar name. Usually for users connecting to multiple networks on laptop computers. If the new network has the same name as an already well-known and frequently used (for example, Home or MyWifi), they are easy to mix up and accidentally connect to an unknown and potentially dangerous network. AVG Advisor helps prevent this, warning of an attempt to connect to a new network with the same name. If you know that the suspect network is secure, you can add it to the list of known networks to not receive a warning from the Advisor again.

This function works in the following web browsers: Internet Explorer, Google, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.

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