Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mobile Spy: spyware application for the iPhone

Mobile Spy allows you to safely monitor your smartphone

Mobile Spy - Spy software captures SMS, call history, visited websites, photos. Installed and operates in stealth mode, loads the data via GPRS on your special account. If you are concerned and want to control your children or employees, then this program is for you.

Mobile Spy application exists in your phone to complete invisibility and does not manifest itself. The company Retina-X Studios, has developed an application that states that this software can keep track of voice calls, text messages and data from any GPS iPhone, which was installed mobile spy.

Mobile Spy – a hybrid software / service which allows you to safely monitor your smartphone (ANDROID, SYMBIAN, BlackBerry, iPhone, or iPad) in real time. Vendor Website

System Mobile Spy for iPhone is a combination of mobile applications and services from AT & T, it will allow customers in real-time control of all activity on the mobile phone, including text messages and golsovuyu connection.

Once registered, every fact activity quietly transferred to the site and stored in a database user account. This data can then be read by accessing the Internet from any browser, the iPhone itself it does not need. Initially, the product was designed to authorities could monitor the actions of their subordinates, but the considerable help Mobile Spy can render in the case of mobile phone theft. The subscription price, as in the case from prior versions for Windows Mobile and Symbian, is $ 100 per year.

Mobile Spy will record all incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, and for recorded phone calls, call duration and call direction for messages - the same as for the call, plus the text. Spyware using GPRS-connection, all of the information recorded on the account Mobile Spy.

Mobile Spy is good because it does not show the task manager Windows Mobile, Smartphone, and the user can not easily see that he was being watched.

You can purchase Mobile Spy for $49.97 per Quarter or $99.97 per Year (50% SAVINGS!)

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