Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ZeroAccess brings botnet owners 100,000 dollars a day

ZeroAccess is a very large botnet and there are millions of infections globally

Last week, experts at Sophos have published another study, according to which the latest version of the malware ZeroAccess for the entire period of its existence, more than 9 million infected computers. It is known that the Trojan that allows hackers to gain access to your credit card owners of infected computers, as well as emptying their account in Bitcoin. According to specialists, the number of permanent bots in botnets created by ZeroAccess, about one million computers.

As experts Sophos, at this point, provided that the network will operate at full capacity, botnet owners will receive up to one hundred thousand dollars profit a day.

Malicious program ZeroAccess first appeared in November 2010. Early versions of the malware on the computers of victims have implemented rootkits that it was extremely difficult to detect and is difficult to remove. The latest modification ZeroAccess from previous versions of the introduction of an improved system for rootkits. As the staff of Sophos, despite the fact that the botnet built ZeroAccess technology P2P, criminals still use centralized command server, which often keep records of installations, as well as tables with data on active bots network. Also hosts botnet successfully disguise the traffic transmitted from the network to the server under normal traffic.

Researchers attributed the growth of high-stakes ZeroAccess Partner Program: botnet owners to pay the partner $ 500 per 1,000 installations in the U.S., while its competitors - not more than $ 150.

Screenshot of the ZeroAccess botnet as visualized in Google Earth.

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