Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bitcoin again at gunpoint cyberhawks

Attackers has encrypted malicious code into the register link that leads to sites with content "for adults".

According to the office of CNN, in the register of the electronic payment system Bitcoin, where all transactions are carried out successfully, you can encrypt any message. Including the malicious link.

The fact that the attackers encrypted malicious code into the register link that leads to sites with content "for adults", it was revealed last week. Their peculiarity is that the links were hidden in hexadecimal code. Thus, their detection is possible only with a targeted time searching.

Moreover, there is evidence that many users are hidden messages in the register over the years.

Thus, the creator of Bitcoin hid encrypted note into the first recorded transaction, and in 2011, a hacker has honored the memory of his dead friend, hiding in the code of the encrypted message. Religious tracts, spam, random statements were found in 2012.

Once the message is delivered to the register Bitcoin, it can not be removed from there. Bitcoin software developers say that even to remove obvious spam, you need to make a number of complex actions.

According to experts, this could turn into a big problem for the system, which is just starting to gain popularity.

Recall that Bitcoin - an electronic currency, created in 2009 an anonymous hacker. Once the e-currency exchange rate increased significantly, investors have paid attention to it, and it became popular. Bitcoin is one coin is now worth about 112 dollars in April, its rate rose to a record $ 266 In essence, the network of Bitcoin - this is the database that stores information about each transaction. Bitcoin fans have long known about the features, allows to introduce into the database encrypted messages. In general, the gap used for fun or writing innocuous comments.

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