Wednesday, March 27, 2013

mSpy Mobile Monitoring Software Review

mSpy Mobile Monitoring Software

mSpy is an innovative new background smartphone application that allows you to intelligently monitor the activity of any selected phone.

By secretly recording messages, calls, and GPS movements, the software provides users with an easy and reliable way to keep their children safe or scrutinize their employees.

The following are just a few of the app's advanced special features:

  • Gain Access to Messages

The mSpy software gives you access to all emails and texts sent from and to the target phone. You can see the content of each message, the sender/recipient's name, and the time and date that a message was sent.

  • Record Calls

If you are interested in a person's interactions with another specific individual, the app allows you to record calls made from or to a chosen phone number. You can listen to the conversation directly or record and download it onto your computer.

  • Remote Listening Device

One of the unique features of the mSpy app over other similar products is its ability to turn any phone into a remote listening device. All conversations within 15m of the phone's speakers can be picked up and recorded once the app is installed.

  • Track GPS Location

MSpy is able to track a phone's GPS location in real-time through regular GPS data updates which it then displays on a convenient map. The route history feature is particularly useful for concerned parents who want to ensure that their child is in a safe location.

  • Access All Phone Data

All the important data that you are interested can be conveniently accessed through your mSpy online account. You can then export that data to files on your own computer.

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The Advantages of mSpy Technology:

  • Easy To Install and Control

The mSpy installation process is very simple, and it takes just 5-10 minutes to complete. Once the app is loaded onto the smartphone device, all other functions and special feature can be controlled remotely via the app's online account.

  • Widely Compatible

The app is compatible with nearly all smartphone models running on IOS, android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry. It is even able to run on some tablet computers.

  • Undetectable 

Unlike other spy software, mSpy runs in the background of a smartphone and is completely invisible to the phone user.

If you feel helpless to deal with suspicious or worrying behaviour in your home or workplace, the advanced mSpy smartphone app is an ideal solution. It gives you access to the vital information needed to further understand a situation and ultimately allows you to protect those closest to you.

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