Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kaspersky Lab has announced a free version of Kaspersky Mobile Security

The company Kaspersky Lab has announced a free version of Kaspersky Mobile Security for Symbian based mobile OS Android.

Users are offered a standard set of tools to protect against viruses and malware, as well as some useful new features, such as check suspicious links in text messages and the ability to remotely activate the alarm on the missing or lost device.

Modern anti-virus engine and cloud protection technology underlying the Kaspersky Mobile Security, help spot the even lesser known types of threats. Free version lets you check the user's request, and in the commercial version also allows you to protect your smartphone in real time.

Kaspersky Mobile Security ensures safe web-surfing, do not allow you to become a victim of fraud and eliminate the likelihood of theft of critical personal information. A new feature called Text Anti-Phishing protect smartphone users from annoying spam SMS-and a more check links in incoming text messages.

In the «Privacy Protection» you will find additional tools to protect sensitive personal or business information from prying eyes. Including mobile app lets you hide individual contacts in your address book, as well as lists of incoming and outgoing calls and messages. This feature will be extremely useful in cases where your phone from time to time in the hands of his colleagues and friends.

With the tool «Anti-Theft» rightful owner can remotely block a lost or stolen smartphone, remove the confidential information from the device and even get a shot of the new owner. You also get the opportunity to determine current device coordinates. A new mechanism of «Alarm» will scare the thief with a loud siren sound. To turn off the alarm you must enter the security code. Remote control of a mobile phone via a convenient web-based Anti-Theft Web Management Portal.

The new version of the application is running an operating system Android 2.2 and later versions, and is available for download from online retailers Play Store. As already mentioned above, the attention of users also offers users a commercial version of Kaspersky Mobile Security product with a set of additional functions, such as scanning device in automatic mode, support for the "black" lists to automatically filter incoming calls and text messages (including blocking of calls from unknown callers ) and much more.

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