Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bitcoin-exchange Mt. Gox has again become the victim of DDoS-attacks

E-currency exchange was not available for the users most of the day in April 11

Bitcoin-exchange Mt. Gox once again faced with a large-scale DDoS-attack, which began less than two hours after the resumption of the performance of service after the previous failure. April 11, the site was not available for Exchange users most of the day.

"We are faced with very large-scale DDoS-attack" - said representatives of Mt. Gox into account exchanges in Google +.

Mt. Gox halted trading on April 11 after the price of the first electronic currency fell by 61% and then increased by 37%. Recall that in the last four weeks Bitcoin price has risen to $ 266, and yesterday it was only $ 145.

Representatives of Mt. Gox deny that such a low price for the e-currency linked to DDoS-attack. They claim that the current situation is due to an unexpected influx of new deals.

According to some experts the authors DDoS-attack actions in a certain pattern: "Criminals are waiting until the price of Bitcoin does not reach a certain value, to sell the currency, destabilizing the market and wait until all in a panic will sell Bitcoin. At this time, the price drops significantly, the attack stops and the fraudsters buy the currency at a low price. "

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