Sunday, May 26, 2013

PayPal phishing's page on government sites

Fraudsters have placed PayPal phishing's page on government sites

 Unknown fraudsters put Paypal phishing page on a website owned by the PRC government. A fake login page Paypal is hosted at hxxp :/ / at "hxxp :/ /".

Once the unsuspecting victim of cybercrime in their credentials on the above page, it redirected to another page where asked to report the name, credit card information, and other sensitive information. After that, the victim is asked to report the three-digit security code, password and security question for password recovery.

After receiving all the necessary information, the victim is redirected to a page that says the following lines: "Your information has been sent successfully. For your security, you will be automatically logged out.Thank you for using PayPal", and then to a legitimate site PayPal.

It should be noted that this phishing page was also found on the site, owned by the state government of Minas Dzherays to the east of Brazil. The page is at: "hxxx :/ /".

According to the service PhishTank, a phishing page attackers placed on the mentioned sites in May of this year. The site she appeared on May 8, and on - May 23, 2013.

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