Monday, May 27, 2013

More than half of the companies do not control programs used by the employees

Most companies do not pay enough attention to what programs and devices are used within their corporate networks.

This is the conclusion reached by experts "Kaspersky Lab" and independent of B2B International in a joint study conducted in late 2012. According to the analysis revealed that 57% of companies do not use special means of control programs, and 56% do not follow the connection of external devices.

Meanwhile, cyber criminals use a variety of tricks to infect systems. For example, malware can be integrated into the popular program, and any employee of the company that runs it in a corporate environment, jeopardize the entire IT-infrastructure company. To prevent such accidents should apply special IT-security policies that control the installation and execution of programs in a corporate network. But, as shown by a joint study B2B International and "Kaspersky Lab", 17% of companies either do not know about the technologies for monitoring the use of the programs, or are not interested in using them.

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A similar situation exists with the control of the use of external devices, such as media: only 44% of companies are paying enough attention and use appropriate tools, while 17% did not know about the means of control devices, or are not interested in using them. Meanwhile, local threats, such as malware that spreads via external devices, still more urgent than ever: over the 2012 defense solutions, "Kaspersky Lab" prevented over 3 billion local attempts to infect your computer. Providing employees with complete freedom with regard to the connection of external devices also increases the risk of information leakage.

"The use of monitoring tools is essential for any business. Thus, the restriction on the installation program provides additional protection against malicious software and improves employee productivity. Monitoring the use of external devices to the corporate network to prevent unauthorized connection of devices reduces the risk of data leakage, and helps to prevent infection workstation from external media, "- said Vladimir Udalov, head of enterprise products in the emerging markets," Kaspersky Lab ".

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