Friday, May 24, 2013

BackBox Linux 3.05 has been released

Came BackBox Linux 3.05, the distribution for security testing

Presented release Linux-distribution BackBox Linux 3.05, based on Ubuntu 12.04 and comes with a collection of tools for system safety assessment and identify hidden or lost data in the system. User environment is based on Xfce 4.8. The size of iso-image 1.6 GB.

The new version includes a set of wireless drivers have been ported from the kernel Linux 3.8 (distribution comes with kernel 3.2) with a patch from the project Aircrack-ng. It is possible to install kernels 3.5 and 3.8. Preparations have begun for the version of the distribution platform ARM.

Updated versions of packages automater, inundator, ettercap, wireshark, se-toolkit, metasploit, sqlmap, beef, recon-ng, zaproxy, weevely, thc-ipv6, truecrack, hashcat.

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