Friday, March 1, 2013

AVAST Software announces new versions of the products avast! 8

AVAST Software company says the renewal of his eponymous line of popular products. Attention users find the latest version of free antivirus avast! Free Antivirus 8 as well as commercial applications avast! 8 Pro Antivirus, avast! Internet Security 8 and avast! Premier 8.

PC owners will assess the updated user interface applications that are optimized for the new operating system Windows 8, as well as a set of useful extra features, including a file shredder, tools to remove unwanted browser extensions, and automatically update the installed software.

Advanced anti-virus technology used in new versions of avast!, Provide more rapid and efficient detection of various threats, including the lesser known species of dangerous applications. Under the name of AVAST Evo-Gen, for example, will be able to detect new variants of known malicious programs that they have the typical "generic traits". Sandbox «AutoSandbox» designed for the study of suspicious and potentially harmful files in a secure environment that is isolated from the rest of the system. For a more accurate identification of dangerous objects can also be used "cloud" database, which contains information about the completely new threats.

New Module Software Updater on your computer detects outdated versions of key software (Java, Flash, QuickTime, Adobe Reader, etc.), and simplify the update. It should be noted that in the various editions avast! this is done in different ways. For example, avast! Free Antivirus Download the installation package and the application will prompt the user to install the update manually. The commercial version of Internet Security Pro and the process will be automated. And in version Premier software update will be in the background, completely transparent to the user.

The composition of all editions includes a new anti-virus application Browser Cleanup (also available as a separate product), which provides the ability to quickly remove unwanted browser extensions and toolbars.

List of the improvements include full support for IPv6 and more frequent updates of virus definitions. Now this important operation performed up to 70 times a day (3.5 times more often than in previous versions.) Laptop owners will like the new energy-saving mode. Running on a laptop Avast antivirus will not be spending any energy-intensive operations (such as Scan Disk) for as long as the device is not connected to the mains.

Developers from AVAST Software also announced two new useful tool, is only available in avast! Premier 8. Utility Data Shredder is a secure file shredder, which ensures complete and permanently removes the selected objects from the hard disk. Users will be able to choose one of the three available methods secure data deletion, which include algorithms, taken up by the Ministry of Defense and the relatively slow but very efficient algorithm Gutman. You'll also be able to clean up disk space, or at the touch of a button to delete entire partitions on your hard drive or solid state drive.

Another exclusive innovation available to holders edition Premier, is the function AccessAnywhere. With this tool, users can connect to your computer from any PC that is running one of the versions of Avast 8. You can not only watch what is happening on the desktop of the remote computer, but to take control in their own hands, and to organize the transfer of files between systems.

The cost of anti-virus protection Avast has not changed since last year. App Avast! Free Antivirus 8 can be downloaded for free from the developer - . The cost of an annual license to use Avast Pro Antivirus is from $ 39.99 (for one PC) to $54.99 (for three PCs). Avast Internet Security product will cost you 10-15 dollars more. A version of Avast Premier for one or three computers you have to pay $69.99 or $89.99.

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