Friday, March 1, 2013

Hackers steal terabytes of data every day

Company Team Cymru in a recent report published interesting data, highlighting the complexity of the situation with the computer network security. They found an underground organization of computer hackers, who are able to steal about one terabyte of intellectual property within 24 hours.

The main goals of hackers were large government organizations in Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. In addition, the attackers also attacked the military infrastructure, embassies, and some of the big search engines.

Team Cymru research shows that over the past five years has been stolen about 30,000 different computer systems. Cyber-criminals are about 500 servers, each of which can work with 20 "victims", receiving about 2.4 GB of data per day. In total, the organization can steal up to 1 terabyte of data per day (365 terabytes per year).

The company does not give specific details about the noticed their cyber-criminals but Team Cymru director Steve Santorelli told The Verge, that given the volume of absorbed data likely hacker organization operates under the guise of the state.

Finding Team Cymru, certainly add fuel to the fire. The U.S. and China for several months being transferred accusations of cyber-espionage. Until now nobody has been able to prove that a State involved in the hacking of computer networks. Perhaps Team Cymru research will clarify this issue.


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