Friday, March 1, 2013

TheftSpy - powerful antitheft system for your Android-smartphone

TheftSpy (Alpha) - this is a universal app for Android, which will help to prevent the leakage of sensitive data stored in the phone memory, as well as significantly increase the chances for a safe return of a lost or stolen device to its rightful owner.

The product includes powerful tools to remotely delete sensitive data, control the various functions device, determine its current location, etc.

To take full advantage TheftSpy you need an account on the website of the product. After a quick and simple registration process you will have access to all the key features of the application from a convenient web-based interface that is displayed in the browser window. All available tools and functions organized by category and presented in a separate tab in the sidebar.

For example, in the tab «Call Log and Contacts» everything you need to import the address book, list of calls made from your mobile phone, as well as or missed calls and received text messages. And the option «Power Control» will remotely power down the device and reboot or lock your smartphone.

Option «GPS Tracker» help determine the current device coordinates on Google Maps and track its next move. Function «Cam Gallery» the smartphone will help the owner to get an image of the likely abductor. You can activate the built-in smart phone camera and take some pictures, which will be available for viewing on the website TheftSpy. Tool «Audio Recorder» provides the ability to record audio using the built-in microphone smartphone. Finally, the option «Screenshot» (available only on devices with root-access) is designed for remote snapshots of the desktop.

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Tools «Messages & Alerts» will create a small text message to send it to a portable device. This ability can be very useful in cases where the person who has found your phone, ready to return to his master, but does not have the necessary information about the legal owner.

Attention users are offered a variety of tools to ensure the security of sensitive data. With TheftSpy you can remotely delete individual images from the photo gallery, archives, text messages and other sensitive information stored in the device memory. There is also have a powerful and easy-to-use encryption.

Like any modern spyware application, the product comes with powerful tools TheftSpy disguise. Stealth Security Tool utility will hide from prying eyes and make it work completely invisible to unauthorized users.

Visit TheftSpy Website

SS-TheftSpy For Android on Google Play

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