Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hackers attacked the Apple

Apple is the target of hackers that have hacked Facebook

According to the news agency "Reuters", some internal Apple computers were found worms.

"Apple has identified malicious software on a limited number of systems Mac, which got there through gaps in the Java plug-in for browsers," - said in a statement. "The virus has been launched in a focused attack on Apple and other companies. Malicious applications are distributed through the website for developers. "

Official sources said that the attackers did not manage to steal anything. As in the case of Facebook, hackers could only get access to a small number of computers in the company's headquarters. Subsequently, Apple simply isolate the system. At present there is no evidence of data theft.

Recall that last week, Facebook also has notified its customers that it suffered a sophisticated cyber attack. We note that both attacks were carried out through a hole in Java. Apple said that its operating systems come without Java. If a user downloads a Java, Apple software automatically locks the package if it is not used within 35 days.

"In order to protect users Mac, working with Java, we released an updated tool for troubleshooting Java-worms. This program will check your Mac and remove from it all malware, "- said Apple.

Recently, western segment of the Internet suffers from a huge number of cyber-attacks. Hackers attacked Apple, Facebook, Twitter, websites The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Many of the attacks blamed Chinese hackers.

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