Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Computer threat - how to identify phishing

Fisher - a fraudsters who play on trust

They use spam, malicious sites and instant messages to extract your confidential information such as your bank and credit cards. A more detailed description can be found in this article.

Here are some of the signs by which one can determine the phishers.

- Issued as representatives of actual companies, but use e-mail for requests for personal information, as well as directing users to fake websites;

- In order to force you to download malware, may argue that an urgent need to take certain measures, as, for example, there were some problems with your account, and the like;

- Often use emotionally charged vocabulary and scare tactics to get feedback;

- Phishing sites are often very similar to the real sites, as criminals carefully copy them;

- Requests for confidential information by e-mail, ICQ, etc. should always call your suspicions, as they are not under any circumstances are not legitimate.

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