Monday, February 18, 2013

Facebook reported about sophisticated attack hackers

Social network Facebook has undergone sophisticated attack hackers 

This is said in a statement released by the security Facebook on Friday, February 15.
In January, reported security, hackers used to attack the website of the company - the developer of mobile applications, for which a number of employees went Facebook. When you visit this site, hacked on laptops employee social network got an exploit that allowed in the future to establish a kind of malware. Laptops employees Facebook, the statement said security forces were equipped with the latest anti-virus protection.
Once the attack was detected, the representatives of Facebook was notified about the incident the police and notified the company of Oracle vulnerabilities in its software. Appropriate soft patch for this issue, Oracle released on February 1.
In a statement Facebook emphasizes that there is no evidence that the hackers gained access to personal data of users of social networks.

Since the beginning of 2013 have been hacked American newspaper The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and the microblogging service Twitter. Both publications said they suspect the attack by hackers from China and said the incident an attempt on their part to influence the coverage of events taking place in China. Security service Twitter did not directly refer to the "Chinese footprint", saying only that the attempt to force the data of thousands of people are professionals, and similar attacks previously undergone other American IT-and media companies.
February 12, President Barack Obama urged Congress to pass a law to strengthen cyber security in the country, and asked to develop standards and procedures to reduce the risk of hacker attacks on critical infrastructure.

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