Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Google warns of attacks by hackers in Myanmar

According to the business publication The Wall Street Journal, Google has recently sent preduprzhedeniya number of independent journalists in Myanmar that their work email accounts have been hacked into Gmail, and Google said that the accounts were hacked with sophisticated multi-pass tactics that typically use the so-called "state hackers" who are interested in identifying sources of leaks dangerous to the political regime of information.

In Google said that Gmail automated monitoring could quite quickly identify suspicious hacker activity. At the same time, the company in an interview with WSJ refused to provide more details about what actions led to intrusion detection, for whom specifically hunted by hackers and what data they were interested.

The authorities of Myanmar has rejected accusations made by Google. In a statement to the same WSJ spokesman for the Government of Myanmar Thein Sein said that at present neither in the government structure, or the structure of the federal government there is no unit that would be involved in attacks on the "other" computer systems and collecting data using malicious codes.

At the same time, the non-profit organization "Reporters without Borders" states that for several decades, Myanmar's ruling military elite violates the rights of journalists to work free, and the fundamental rights of citizens. Also in the last otete. as well as in several earlier, the organization puts Myanmar in the list of so-called "enemies of the Internet" - countries to block access to the network or to block content for political reasons.

WSJ notes that Google previously sent out a similar warning to journalists publications Eleven Media and Voice Weekly, working in Myanmar.

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