Monday, February 11, 2013

France and Israel as sources of cyberthreats

The USA considers France and Israel as sources of cyberthreats

U.S. intelligence agencies believe France and Israel among the main sources of industrial cyber-espionage, along with China and Russia, the Washington Post reported, citing data from the National razvedsvodki (National Intelligence Estimate).

United States has repeatedly called China and Russia main cyberthreats. Back in November 2011 the Office of National Intelligence to report to the U.S. Congress reported that hackers from the two countries most actively trying to penetrate through the Internet to a secure server, which stores the economic and defense information. China has repeatedly denied any involvement in "to any form of action in cyberspace" and claim American cyber activity on the Chinese Internet.

In the new document, which is prepared for the U.S. administration National Intelligence Council, the main threat to U.S. business again called Chinese hackers. According to intelligence, the Chinese are looking to U.S. computer systems information on energy, finance, information technology, as well as interest in the aerospace and automotive domains.

In this case, according to the authors of the report, three countries - Russia, Israel and France - staged cyber attacks with the aim of economic espionage. However, as the newspaper notes, their efforts are insignificant in comparison with the activity in China.

The authors of "intelligence assessment", according to sources of the newspaper, did not specify the economic damage caused by hackers. According to observers, it could reach tens of billions of dollars. Experts point out that the U.S. administration could respond to cyber threats, expressing official protests, sending diplomatic personnel, imposing travel restrictions and complaining to the World Trade Organization.

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