Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fraudsters stole data from over 6000 of bank cards

Attackers used a special device to read the information secret and created new bank card to withdraw funds.

U.S. federal authorities have announced to bring charges against two alleged founders of the scheme through which they stole information on the customer's bank account. Fraudsters have used the technology up information from bank cards, through which they were able to capture data customers who use ATMs in New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Wisconsin.

According to the indictment filed by a federal court in Manhattan, scammers, known as Gabor and Pintilli from April to December last year were the leader of the group responsible for the manipulation of accounts in New York and Chicago.

In addition to the mentioned citizens, at least nine attackers involved in the placement of electronic devices that Gabor received from Hungary. With these devices, they were able to read information from a bank card when used at an ATM.

Accomplices and Gabor Pintilli also installed hidden cameras on ATMs that recorded user-entered PIN-codes.

Some time after the data capture, the attackers removed the device and passed them and Gabor Pintilli. Those, in turn, used the information to create a new bank card, with which to make withdrawals.

The scheme used was aimed at customers of banks such as J. P. Morgan Chase and Capital One. During the activity attackers stole information on more than 6,000 bank account from which the defendants removed the unauthorized more than $ 3 million

Gabor (30), which is expected to come from Denmark, and Pintilli (32), a Romanian national, was charged on the fact of participation in the conspiracy to commit bank fraud. By law, they face up to 30 years in prison. In addition, the attackers charged upon participation in a plot to get the data (7.5 years' imprisonment), as well as the theft of data under aggravating circumstances (of two years imprisonment).

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