Monday, December 17, 2012

Critical vulnerability found in the Samsung devices

Vulnerability allows applications to read memory devices, and embed malicious code into the kernel.

XDA developer under the pseudonym 'Alephzain' said flaws in the mobile devices Samsung, which allows applications to read confidential data.

The vulnerability is present in ARM-processor Exynos 4, which is often used in smartphones and tablets the South Korean company. The researchers presented the exploit that allows applications to read data from the device's memory, as well as embed malicious code into the kernel.

Alephzain discovered a vulnerability when looking for a new way to bypass the security Galaxy S3. "The good thing is that I can get root-access to these devices, but the bad thing is that you can not control it."

Among the products to which the vulnerability can be noted such popular devices Samsung, as the Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung, GALAXY Note 2. Note that on the Nexus 10, which also uses the Exynos processor 4, the vulnerability does not apply.

At the time of publication of news from Samsung official statements have been reported. Notify XDA is here.

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