Friday, December 14, 2012

The New Wave of DDoS Attacks on U.S. banks

The company Arbor Networks, has been providing protection from DDoS-attacks, reported this week that dramatically increased DDoS-activity against U.S. banks. At times of DDoS-activity reached 60 Gbit / s. Who exactly is behind the attacks, not reported.

Recall that in September this year a group of Middle Eastern Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber ​​Fighters launched a series of DDoS-attacks against several major U.S. banks, disrupting service to a client of the latter. The group claimed that the attack - it's retribution for the placing on the YouTube clip of the prophet Muhammad.

December 10 is the same hacker group announced the launch of a new wave of attacks against banks US Bancorp, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, PNC Financial Services Group and SunTrust Banks. In the message the group posted on Pastebin, said that "the second phase of the attack will be more ambitious."

Sami attacks this week confirmed the banks, saying that on Wednesday and Thursday, they reached the peak. PNC on Wednesday warned customers that the services of the bank are working with low productivity and as a result, some clients may have problems logging in, mobile and online banking. On Thursday, the bank reported a growing wave DDoS-traffic and unavailability of servers.

At Arbor Networks said that now banks are faced with a very massive wave of attacks, which by its activity over attack on September ten. According to Arbor, now attacks peak reached 63.3 Gb / s, while in September it was about 1.7 Gb / s per channel. Who is behind the attacks botnet Brobot, which is one of the main tools the attackers, in addition, hackers try on fake DNS-queries, which are also loaded into the server.

Despite this, in the Arbor say that banks are now better prepared to attack, rather than in September.

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