Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Users of Windows 8 faced failures in OS work because of Webroot antivirus

Microsoft said the company's representatives at one of the forums that your antivirus software can block the user of the new operating system Windows 8.

According to the service Microsoft Answers, where company experts advise her clients on technical issues with the software giant's products, computers based on the operating system Windows 8 may be blocked by a third-party anti-virus software.

According to experts, the same problem may be faced by those users who are using anti-virus software company Webroot to version Previous versions of the program, experts, "erroneously removed from the kernel of Windows 8 that part of the registry, which is necessary for the correct authentication procedure."

Users are faced with this failure was reported in Microsoft that they can not log in using the credentials of service identification and authentication 'Microsoft account' (formerly known as the company 'Windows Live ID' and used for single sign-on to all network services Microsoft , including Hotmail, MSNBC, MSN and Xbox 360).

It is worth noting that those users of Windows 8, which used in the system only accounts linked to 'Microsoft account', will be forced to make a 'rollback' of the OS to the point where was installed antivirus Webroot. The alternative to this action is to reinstall the operating system.

Recall that recently Avast Antivirus vendors have reported false positives of the program on the Russian version of the operating system Windows XP, resulting in a user to block access to the Internet.


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