Thursday, August 23, 2012

A new version of McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee has announced improvements to McAfee Mobile Security

Now, users of smartphones and tablet computers with Android can use the extra privacy, prohibit applications to access personal data without the user's knowledge.

With these new features consumers have access to an additional layer of protection to ensure that their privacy, and protection against financial fraud, identity theft and viruses. In the McAfee Mobile Security uses technology App Alert - the only commercially available technology, which not only tells the user the powers granted to applications, but also sends a query to the database network McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, containing information about the reputation of URL-addresses, to inform the user about the applications that are associated with dangerous Web sites, and (or) suspected of sending personal data to dangerous Web sites (for example, Web sites used by spyware and adware).

According to Luis Blando, vice president of product development at McAfee mobile "application for Android can request 124 species of authority, such applications may violate the privacy and security of your private life. Now McAfee Mobile Security provides users in the consumer segment to filter notification App Alert, leaving only those applications that have the power to interest or concern of the user. For the user to do - choose new applications to make purchases on the Internet, social networking, or use mobile banking - McAfee Mobile Security provides security, mobile device users with a simple, yet powerful means of protection. "

This summer McAfee noted the increasing number of threats for devices with Android. Authors of malicious programs for mobile devices (which include malicious software to send SMS, mobile botnets, spyware, Trojan horses, destructive, etc.) the most popular continues to enjoy the operating system Android. To protect yourself from malicious software, users should before installing any program to gather information about the program and its author, and check its rating. It is also recommended to purchase apps in a well-known online stores with a proven track record, to pay attention to the requested authority (to avoid installing applications that look suspicious) and be on the phone antivirus software.

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