Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Famous hacker found a vulnerability in iOS

Apple has turned to iPhone owners with a request to be wary of SMS-messages

The warning was issued after a known hacker pod2g found a vulnerability in the mobile operating system iOS, with which criminals can use any phone number in the sender SMS.

According to pod2g, this vulnerability has existed since the first version of iOS and is still relevant in beta iOS 6. Attackers can exploit the vulnerability by sending a user, for example, an email with instructions on behalf of the bank.

Apple has offered iPhone owners abandon traditional text messages in favor of iMessage. iMessage allows you to exchange messages with other users of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. If you have multiple devices with iOS, iMessage keep correspondence on each of them.

"One of the limitations of SMS is that it allows you to send messages with forged addresses to any phone, so we encourage customers to be very careful," said a statement by the American company.

In addition, Apple stresses that iMessage messages for secure data encryption - only your friends can read them.

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