Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kaspersky Lab notes decline in the share of spam

Steady decline in the amount of spam

Beginning in March of this year, the experts "Kaspersky Lab" has been a steady decrease in the number of spam. Last month the amount of spam has decreased to 71.8%, but in half the share of emails with malicious attachments.

In mid-summer, a marked increase in the number of spam messages that use the theme of the economic crisis. The vast majority of these messages are advertising various seminars for accountants and business leaders on the topic of crisis management actions.

The changes affected the top three countries spammers in Russian segment of the Internet. India and Vietnam are on the list, and closed the three leaders of Germany, formerly the eighteenth line.

The focus of phishers are increasingly social networks, which account for a quarter now of all phishing attacks. In this case, the most popular among the intruder with Facebook.

At the same time, the number of incidents with financial institutions, by contrast, is on the wane. For example, the proportion of phishing attacks on online stores decreased by almost one per cent to 18.4%.

In mid-summer, a marked increase in the number of emails that exploit the theme of crisis. At the moment, the vast majority of recorded world offers this column - advertising various seminars for accountants and managers. It is reported that during the workshop will focus on crisis management matters.

Also in the spam thread meets a number of messages about the crisis operators to draw attention to a particular product on the "anti-crisis prices." Especially active "discount against the crisis" used to promote the replica designer goods. It is interesting to note the appearance of a Spanish spam messages offering real estate investment as a means to save money during the recession.

Difficult economic situation continue to enjoy and swindlers. Already, in the English language spam flows unusually large number of proposals of questionable earnings. Offers "quick credit" locked us in almost all European languages. The number of such posts in the coming months will only increase because of rising unemployment in Europe.

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