Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Young people contravene corporate policies governing use of own devices

The study, conducted by Vision Critical, at the request of Fortinet, shows that 51% of employees aged 21 to 32 years rather break the rules of use of personal mobile devices in the office than give up smartphones, digital clocks or tablets.

According to the study, 36% of the 3,200 young employees of companies willing to break corporate security policies for the use of cloud storage, like Dropbox, for work purposes. As for wearable computing solutions, such as Google Glass and clever hours, 48 % are willing to break the rules of safety.

16% of respondents believe that these technologies will soon become widespread in the corporate sector. 33 % believe that once these computing devices become more affordable, they will immediately begin to use for the job. On the other hand, only 8% say these technologies have not become popular.

As for cloud storage, almost all of the respondents have an account in these services. 70 % of them admitted that they used the services to perform their jobs. Experts are concerned that 12% use personal cloud storage accounts (!) Working passwords, financial information, critical data and important corporate documents.

With about half of the staff who took part in the survey Fortinet, admitted that their personal computers to carry out attacks. In 50% of cases, the attack ended with identity theft and corporate data, and had a negative impact on performance. 19% of respondents said that hackers tried to hack their smartphones and tablets.

14% of respondents did not agree to inform the employer that they faced burglary and theft of corporate data. 52% showed incredible ignorance, saying that they know nothing about APT, DDOS, or botnets.

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