Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Average annual damage from cyber attacks increased by 78 %

The frequency of attacks, the level of their damage and the time to correct them continue to grow the fourth consecutive year, according to the latest report from Ponemon Institute.

In a report in 2013 Cost of Cyber ​​Crime Study estimated that the average annual damage from cyber attacks today is 11.56 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 78 % over four years ago when they released their first report in this series. In addition, over the same four years, the average time required to eliminate the effects of cyber attacks has increased by 130%, and the average cost of removing a single attack amounted to more than U.S. $ 1 million .

Over the past few years, cyber attacks have become much more sophisticated and dangerous. Many hackers around the world joined together in a well-organized and generously sponsored kiberpodpole, whose members actively share their experiences and " best practices." According to the report, an advanced analytics in the security and networking technologies (eg , systems SIEM), including on the basis of big data, help to greatly reduce the threat and the level of spending on the fight against cybercrime.

According to the report, the average annual expenditure on combating cyber attacks per one organization made ​​up of $ 11,560,000 ( 1.3 to 58 million U.S. dollars), up 26 % ( $ 2.6 million ) more than in in 2012 the average per week is made 122 successful attacks ( for comparison, in 2012 the figure was 102 attacks). Average time to eliminate the attack was 32 days and the average cost of these works - 1,035,769, or 32,469 dollars a day is 55% more than last year ( 591,780 dollars for 24 days).

The most expensive cyber attacks related to denial of service attacks and acts of internal web attacks. They account for 55 percent of total annual expenditure on the organization of the fight against cybercrime. The most important external costs associated with the theft of information, and the violation of business. In annual terms, the amount of costs associated with data leakage, accounting for 43 percent of total external costs, up 2 per cent compared with 2012 . Expenses due to violations of business or lost productivity accounted for 36 percent of total external costs, a 18 percent increase compared with 2012.

Recovery and detection are the most costly internal operations. Over the last year the amount of the cost of restoration and the detection of 49 percent of the total expenditure on internal operations. Disbursement of funds and personnel costs make up a large part of these costs.

Costs of the fight against cybercrime depend on the size of the company, but small companies are significantly higher capital costs than large corporations. Financial institutions of the defense industry, companies operating in the energy and utilities, incur higher costs of the fight against cybercrime than organizations working in the field of trade, hotel business and consumer services.

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