Monday, July 22, 2013

The Apple Developer platform has been hacked

Apple today issued a report that the unidentified hackers broke into its developer site, stealing a volume of data associated with the program participants Apple Developer.

In response to the attack, which was held on Thursday, the company said a review of systems for developers, software upgrades and rebuilds the database.

In an email sent out to programmers around the world from Apple, said that the attackers were designed to steal personal information from the site, as well as receive other private data stored on servers with limited access. In Apple said that in the database, which was accessed, the data is stored in a secure manner, that is, they were encrypted, so attackers are unlikely to actually get the data, but nonetheless is 100% impossible to exclude that possibility.

"We can not rule out that the names, email addresses, postal addresses and phone numbers of some developers will find themselves in the hands of the attackers," - said in a statement Apple. Also, the company said that the Apple Developer site was still offline on Thursday, and now the company is working on a system of protection against new attacks.

"In the spirit of transparency, we will inform you about what happened," follows from the statement.

As Apple has not said how much the developers could get hit, but it's potentially a very large number. Here are officially registered developers who write software for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. It is known that only mobile developers are more than 275,000. It is also known that the servers Apple Developer company locate technical information about new products, puts tools for developers, is divided by certain technical data on products, as well as advises programmers.

As Apple does not give details of the attack, but said that "completely revises" existing methods of the platform.

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