Monday, July 8, 2013

Club Nintendo Japan has been hacked

Japanese Nintendo announced today that its main fan site was attacked by hackers who have gained access to data about approximately 24,000 users.

In the hands of criminals were the names, addresses, phone numbers, and email data users. Project Club Nintendo has been attacked by powerful solutions for over passwords and logins. It is known that all hackers a few days spent 15.5 million automated login attempts, of which just under 24,000 were successful.

In Nintendo reported that they became aware of the burglary last week and the last few days, the company will review the technical data. In addition, the server logs data remains on a very large number of failed login attempts and engineers now they understand. Also, the company said that the first signs of attack began to show more June 9, but in the last days of the attack significantly increased.

Club Nintendo website now operates worldwide, it reaches around 4 million people, but the most popular project is just in Japan.

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