Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blizzard Members faced a new phishing attack

In the Internet unfolded a new phishing attack aimed directly at fans of multiplayer role-playing games.

Users find in their mailboxes letter with the heading «Blizzard Entertainment IP Restrictions», which informs recipients that their accounts have been compromised. Potential victims advised to confirm the legitimacy of the accounts from the following link.

The letter came illiterate and not authentic. The naked eye can see that the message is not received from Blizzard. Users who clicked on the button after all, got a phishing website trying to lure in visitors personal information. Representatives of Blizzard admitted that these are part of a phishing email scams.

Do not think that this attack is successful. The fact that apart illiterate text document have been admitted actual errors. The letters were signed by «Blizzard Entertainment - Guild Wars 2 Support».

Any gamer knows that the game Guild Wars 2 does not have anything to do with Blizzard. This multiplayer RPG developed by U.S. company ArenaNet, owned by the Korean concern NCsoft.

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