Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hackers broke into the Twitter-tape of the Associated Press

Hackers today hacked Twitter-tape of the American news agency The Associated Press, and posted ostensibly on behalf of the agency reports of explosions in the White House and the wounding of Barack Obama.

Shortly after posting messages the agency has returned control of the news items reported that the previously published reports are false. AP also reported that the hacking AP Twitter and AP Mobile Twitter resulted from previously conducted fraudulent attacks on corporate network news agency.

Exchange quotations in New York managed to react to messages on attacks, but they quickly enough returned to earlier existing indicators after removal of messages and official denials from AP. So, the Dow Jones index lost 143 points, having fallen with 14 697 to 14 557 points. The American exchange regulator while also didn't comment on incident.

Representatives of the AP say that news organization is already working with the company on Twitter clarifying details of the hacker attack. Meanwhile, the responsibility for the attack on himself already took hackers from the so-called Syrian Electronic Army who identify themselves as supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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