Monday, April 22, 2013

Hacked the largest fan site The Sims

Hacker, hiding under the name Game Over, penetrated into the security system website Newsea Sims (, which offers special content for the video game The Sims from Electronic Arts. As a result of this burglary were stolen names and passwords of more than 100,000 users. Subsequently, these data were published on the network.

Employees of Cyber ​​War News analyzed the information published on the web and found in the data details about 108377 unique accounts. At the moment the site Newsea Sims does not work. Most likely the administration decided to remove the resource portal, after all of their customer base was in the net.

Leaders Newsea Sims did not provide a decent data protection. For example, administrators did not use encryption when dealing with passwords. If you had an account on Newsea Sims, then most likely, the burglars will want to use your data. Therefore, experts advise as soon as possible to change all passwords (especially if you like to use the same passwords for different accounts).

E-mail addresses are also an important asset for cyber-criminals. Email can be used to provide special mass mailings aimed directly at the players Sims.

Let's note that it is far not the first case of penetration into a database of large game projects.

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