Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The network has a new Exploit Kit Neutrino

During attack the malicious application is install on system by a trojan extortioner which blocks work of the computer.

According to analysts Trend Micro, on underground forums, a new set of exploits - «Neutrino». As the researchers found, the tool is also currently operates a gap in Java JRE (CVE-2013-0431, CVE-2012-1723). Vulnerable to attack are systems with versions of Java 7 Update 11 and earlier.

During the attack a malicious application installed on the system Trojan extortionists, locking down your computer.

Neutrino developers themselves are the following features of the set of exploits:

  • User friendly control panel;
  • Easy management of the domain and IP (countermeasures for anti-virus software;
  • Continuous monitoring of the status of anti-virus software;
  • Traffic Filtering;
  • Encryption of the stolen information, etc.

In Trend Micro also report that distributors Neutrino offer buyers rent their server to store stolen data. Rental of the tool costs $ 40 per day or $ 450 per month.

Earlier last month, experts have found «WhiteHole Exploit Kit», which operates many dangerous holes, including a zero-day vulnerability in Java (Affected versions: Oracle Java JRE 7 update 10 build 1.7.0_10-b18, possibly other versions).

Trend Micro report can be found here .

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