Thursday, March 14, 2013

Trojan FinFisher used by repressive regimes

Canadian independent IT experts say the discovery of a new Trojan software FinFisher, designed for a wide range of espionage.

At the Trojan researchers from University of Toronto have found two dozen management servers to which flocked data. Experts say that FinFisher - this is just an example of "gov-hacking", as this malware is aimed at spying on dissidents and the political opposition, who lives in the so-called regime countries.

Laboratory Citizen Lab, based at the University of Toronto, said that the 25 host servers FinFisher located in different countries and they flock data dissidents, log data, information about the interception of Skype-sessions and even audio recordings captured by the Trojan from computer microphone. According to the analysis, FinFisher used against political opposition in Canada, Mexico, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Serbia and Vietnam. However, Canadian experts say that this is probably not a complete list of countries.

Citizen Lab reports that according to their data distribution of malicious code involved the British company Gamma International. The report's authors say that FinFisher investigated for a long time and at first thought that this code to intercept voice calls, but later it became clear that the functional development of much broader.

Also, the authors of the report describes the activities of Gamma Int and came to the conclusion that in 2011 the company supplied spy software now deposed Egyptian authorities, and soon after that - in Bayhreyn where the Internet is also strictly controlled. The other day, "Reporters Without Borders" was named the company one of the Gamma "corporate Internet enemies."

Canadian researchers say that now FinFisher used in Ethiopia.

FinFisher learned to infect smartphones:

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