Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The biggest hacker attack slowed down the Internet

The largest in the history of the world hacking reduced data rate on the internet, according to BBC News. Investigating the incident handled by experts from five different countries.

The target of attack became Spamhaus company countering spam with offices in London and Geneva. To combat spam Spamhaus maintains a database, which entered the servers that are used to send spam messages. The company also supports a number of services that block suspicious mailing servers.

March 27, it became known that the servers Spamhaus were "the biggest DDoS-attack." CEO Steve Linford described it as unprecedented in scale to date.

The attacks on the company began in mid-March and continues to this day. DDoS-attack power of 300 gigabits per second. With 50 gigabits per second, enough to damage the infrastructure of a major financial institution. Incapacitate blockers Spamhaus made other sites are more vulnerable to DDoS-attacks.

Currently being investigated security incident in which 5 uchuvstvuyut agencies in different countries. Spamhaus accused of organizing attacks Dutch company Cyberbunker, as previously the company has blocked the servers in connection with allegations of providing hosting spammers. DDoS-attacks, according to the fighters against spam, hackers have been ordered from Russia and other Eastern European countries. Thus representatives of the Dutch company Spamhaus accused of abuse of power.

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