Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Small and medium business is most subject to cyberthreats

More than half of small and medium-sized businesses face the problem of leakage of sensitive information.

Experts Ponemon Institute commissioned by a major U.S. insurance company Hartford Steam Boiler conducted studies cybersecurity of small and medium business. The study found that about 55% of their face with a leak of confidential data due to the low level of protection. Many organizations do not even take care of the minimum necessary steps to ensure protection, Firewall, regularly updated anti-virus software, as well as basic coaching staff.

Vice President Insurance Eric Cernak said: "The first thing you have to do a small business - is to realize that he is at risk. Companies need to determine what information they have stored and for how long. "

According to the expert Symantec Paul Wood, small businesses are ill-equipped to protect confidential data and have difficulty finding gaps, as the Internet in their work is secondary. In addition, only one-third of small businesses, whose data have been compromised, report it to the victims. Wood said that the concealment of information leakage incidents fraught for companies legal consequences.

Experts reported that the majority of data breaches occur because of negligence, both employees and contractors. Loss or theft of laptops and other digital devices, the errors in the procedures of paperwork, files theft topped the list of major security problems of small and medium businesses.

According to researchers, Internet service providers whose services are used by companies to have access to confidential information. About 60% of companies provide data to third parties, as well as 56% of firms provide information on service providers to their customers.

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