Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The main threat last month - Trojan Linux.Sshdkit

Experts antivirus companies disclose information on virus activity for February 2013.

According to analysts antivirus company Dr Web at the end of February this year, the most interesting was the threat of Trojan Linux.Sshdkit, designed to compromise the servers based on Linux.

A virus is a dynamic link library (experts point spread as 32-bit and 64-bit versions), ability to integrate into the process of sshd, intercepting the authentication function. As a result of infection with the user credentials of the system are sent to a remote server attacks.

During the rapid spread were infected more than 450 Linux-servers worldwide. The greatest number of compromised systems (27.7%) was found in the U.S., where Dr Web, 132 incident.

However, the most common threat for the reporting period were Trojans family Trojan.Mayachok, containing paid archives. "These files are used by hackers to the standard model - they are usually disguised as an application installer and demand after its launch to send a paid SMS message or force users to subscribe to a particular service"- explains the analyst.

As for the threat to Android, in February, attracted the most attention Trojan Android.Claco.1.origin, distributed in Google Play guise of legitimate utility. Its special feature is that in addition to identity theft virus can infect systems running Windows.

View the Dr Web report: click here

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