Friday, April 12, 2013

Malicious software attacks networks of companies every three minutes

The company FireEye published studies, according to which networks the majority of commercial structures every three minutes under attack of malicious programs.

In this case, according to FireEye, networks of most companies working in the field of high technology, have been attacked by malicious programs every minute. Eksperty FireEye note that the most common method of introducing malware is targeted (directed) phishing.

The results of studies presented in the 2H 2012 Advanced Threat Report, suggests that in order to get potential victims to launch malware, cybercriminals often use ordinary business terminology, such as "UPS". In this case, 92% of malware attached to e-mails in a ZIP archive. In the study, experts from FireEye also consider methods that allow attackers to introduce malware into networks of victims and avoid detection by their defense. In particular, are malicious programs which are activated only when moving the mouse.

FireEye experts also point out that to date, the creators of malicious spared no effort trying to create malware that can bypass any existing security system, which, moreover, are often morally and technically outdated.

Given all of the above, We advise commercial entities and other organizations in a timely manner to carry out upgrades to protect corporate networks and strategies for their protection.


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