Sunday, February 3, 2013

Twitter reported a large-scale cyber-attacks on U.S. companies

Twitter Information Security Department reported on  aimed at service cyber-attacks, putting them on a par with similar attacks on other U.S. IT-and media companies. This was reported on the official website of the world's largest microblogging service.

According to the Head of Information Security Twitter Bob Lord, last week the company revealed new data access mechanisms that hackers could use. Experts have identified a cyber-attack, which managed to repel, but acknowledged that hackers could gain access to information 250 000 service users. It is, in particular, the names of users and their e-mail addresses and passwords.

In Twitter said they did not believe the attack an isolated incident, stressing that it carried out the hackers were professionals.

All customers whose data may have been available to them, a letter was sent with the notice. As a precaution, the representatives suggested that Twitter users to change passwords, and other test to see if their password is secure enough. These guidelines apply not only to microblogging service, but also to any other sites.

In this case, according to Twitter, other companies and organizations have recently undergone similar attacks. In the department of information security recalled a series of major hacking attacks aimed at American media companies, including the New York Times publication and Wall Street Journal. "That's why we decided to report the attack, though it only collect information", - said Bob Lord. Twitter is currently working with the government and U.S. law enforcement agencies to find and bring to justice the hackers involved in the attack, and as a result to make the Internet safer for all users.

January 30 The New York Times reported the attacks to the publication and website hacking almost a dozen of its employees. The newspaper wrote that the attack lasted for four months, starting in October 2012 and were carried out in China. The next day about the constant attacks of Chinese hackers said the American publication The Wall Street Journal. The Embassy of China in the United States to China's involvement in the attacks on the U.S. media is not recognized.

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