Monday, February 4, 2013

A new scam campaign is fixed on Facebook

Antivirus company Panda Security at the weekend warned users about the discovery of a new hacking campaign in the social network Facebook, which scammers spread spam using a known malware Blackhole, infecting users' PCs. To distribute malware, hackers design their posts under the guise of messages from the administration of Facebook.

Reports scammers fraudulently trying to provoke Facebook users go to a malicious link to download the above malware. To fool users, hackers are reported to the user that for some reason, their account was suspended, but the careful user should be alerted by the fact that in order to "unlock" your account, the user is asked, first, something download, and secondly, to download it to a site, which is located outside the domain

Louis Matthews, Senior Technical Panda, said that the system of attack is built so that when you click on a malicious link in the email is almost a dozen redirects from one site to another. This is in order to make it more difficult to trace the real organizers of the campaign to infect computers.

According to Corrons, in general, this attack must be recognized attentive user, since some highly complex nuances here. Moreover, the malicious code on the Blackhole hacker market is positioned as a "designer", which allows inexperienced organizers attacks get a running instance of malicious code. In the case of Facebook, fraudsters try to play on the latest vulnerabilities in Java, which in recent Java 7 Update 13 has been closed.

Matthews says they tracked the organizers of the attack and found that in the end they try to infect users' computers in several types of banking Trojans.

Note that almost simultaneously with the report Panda, Facebook itself reported that its data for 2012 in the social network appeared about 76 million fake accounts. The total user base Facebook now is 1.06 billion users.

Accounts under false company accounts understands that in reality does not represent a specific user: duplicate accounts, unclassified accounts and accounts with no specific purpose. In this category, most of all, there are duplicate accounts - 53 million, about 14 million more accounts - it accounts that do not belong to a person. For a mass mailing of spam, according to the company, in 2012, used a little less than 10 million accounts. "We have a dedicated team of Facebook User Operations, which deals with complaints from users of the network, monitors your account and blocks potentially dangerous pages" - reported to Facebook.

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